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TERRAMERANA celebrates its first anniversary thanks to you. Over the past twelve months, we have expanded the brand to better serve you. We now have:
8 swimwear styles
2 co-creations with an illustrator @surfcultureart and an influencer @louisegrdd
5 retailers in Metropolitan France and Overseas Territories
1 corner at Printemps of Marseille and 2 pop-ups at Galeries Lafayette

For this occasion, we partnered with the first French bento cakes brand: Crush Cake, which we introduce to you through an interview with Lina, its founder.

  1. Lina, can you briefly explain your background?
    I studied law and marketing. I wanted to start my own business at a young age, and I tried a venture in the food industry when I was 22 with a friend. This experience taught me a lot, and shortly after, in August 2021, I created Crush Cake.
  2. How did you come up with the idea for Crush Cake?
    I was working at a communication and event agency as a project manager for a big event. I came across bento cakes on social media and decided to contact a pastry chef to create them specifically for the event. In the end, I loved the concept of bento cakes so much that I decided to create the brand, Instagram account, and website afterward. Everything happened quite quickly, with a pop-up at Le Bon MarchΓ© and a shop in Paris 11 one year after the start.
  3. What were the advantages and challenges you faced?
    The advantages were related to communication because it's a highly aesthetic and personalized product. I didn't have difficulty generating user-generated content (UGC). Influencers also brought a lot of visibility to the brand. Many people reposting their Crush Cakes increased the brand's notoriety.
    The main challenge was in recruitment. Aesthetics are very important for these cakes, and given their small size, precision is crucial. So, I had to conduct many interviews before finding the perfect person to make the cakes :).
  4. How many bento cakes have you made since the beginning of Crush Cake?
    I haven't really counted, haha, but I think we're at around 3000 bento cakes.
  5. How do you see your business in 5 years?
    I would like to open more stores, expand the range of cakes, and also create lifestyle products still in the Crush Cake design, girly and colorful :).
  6. What are your entrepreneurial tips?
    My advice would be not to start when you're completely ready because otherwise, you'll never start. Perfectionism is the enemy of success. Have an idea that stands out a bit and start as early as possible. Be resilient too because you can quickly give up on your project in the beginning when everything is quite fragile, but you need to persevere.

Join our Instagram contest here and try to win a personalized bento cake and swimsuit NΒ°19.