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For nearly a year, Louise and we have been working on the co-creation of swimsuit N°4, now available on our website.

Last summer, we met Louise and gifted her our best-seller and reversible swimsuit N°46, that she particularly loved. As one of the first influencers to support us and appreciate our products, we wanted to further develop this relationship by partnering with her on this co-creation project.

We're giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our collaboration and the iconic swimsuit imagined by Louise through a short interview:

1. Louise, can you introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Louise, I'm 24 years old, and I grew up in northern France. I moved to Paris three years ago, mainly for work. I've been a full-time content creator for five years now!

2. What kind of woman are you really?
I'm a determined and passionate woman. Everything I do and undertake is driven by passion. In general, I love connecting with others. I'm very sociable, but unfortunately, I tend to stress and constantly question myself.

3. In your opinion, what is a woman's greatest asset?
Authenticity and personality! Be yourself, dare to pursue your dreams.

4. How would you describe your ideal day on vacation?
Not waking up too late, an hour of exercise followed by a sunny brunch. An afternoon at the beach with friends, swimming and sunbathing. Then, an aperitif at sunset.

5. Why did you decide to co-create a swimsuit?
I've always had a collection of swimsuits! It's something that has always interested me, and I fully embrace the values of the eco-friendly brand, which was important to me. The swimsuit is THE most important item in my summer suitcase. It was obvious; it perfectly matched my desires and lifestyle.

6. Where did you get inspiration for the style and colors?
I love green, it's my favorite color and the color of luck, so the choice was easy. I absolutely wanted it to be reversible, and white seemed like a good compromise. Who doesn't like to wear a white swimsuit on perfect tanned skin, right? As for versatility, I wanted it to suit all body types and appeal to as many women as possible. Everything is adjustable on this swimsuit, and that's what I love about it! If you want it to be sexy, it's possible, but it also works in a softer style!

7. What did you enjoy most about this project?
The entire process was very nice. It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with Maureen and Agathe. They were very attentive to my wishes and offered great advice. Of course, the best moment was the photoshoot. Seeing the finished product, worn and in various situations on different bodies and women, was fantastic!

8. How would you describe this swimsuit in a few words?
It's the swimsuit you need! It's very trendy but also timeless. This summer, we're leaving insecurities behind, you'll be the most beautiful in Terramerana!

co-création maillot de bain femmes versatile, réversible, écoresponsable et pour toutes les morphologies